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JIAYI Exclusive Health Care Far-infrared Nylon Yarn

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Far-infrared Nylon Yarn


HS CODE: 5402311100

100% Nylon

Functional Nylon Yarn

Fujian, China (Mainland)

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What is far infrared yarn?

Far infrared rays: the sun-light can be divided into visible and invisible light. Visible light includes radiation with wavelengths between 400nm and 700nm. Visible light is refracted into spectrum color rays including: violet, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red when it passes through a prism. Rays with the wavelength from 0.75µm to 1000µmare are defined as infrared lights, also known as infrared rays. Infrared light has a wide range of wavelengths, so it is further divided into near-infrared region, medium-infrared region and far-infrared region; the electromagnetic radiation of corresponding wavelengths are defined as near infrared ray, medium infrared ray and far infrared ray(FIR).


Research discovered that the far infrared ray with the wavelengths range of 6 ~ 15 micron are indispensable factor in biology survival, therefore, the far infrared rays within this wavelength region are called “LIFE LIGHT”, which have the similar wave lengths of far infrared ray emitted by human body and resonate most effectively with the water molecules of cells in living lives, besides, the permeability, effectively promotes the growth of plants and animals.

JIAYI’S FIR nylon yarn with nano-powders(the size of the nano-powder) is blended during polymerization process. It can abosrb energy from sunlight or the human body and release 8-15μm far infrared rays to keep the body warm, expanding capillaries to improve the blood circulation and accelerating metabolism.



1. Improve microcirculation: JIAYI’s exclusive far infrared nylon yarn releases infrared wavelength 8~15µm, which matches with the human body far infrared wavelength (9.6 microns) to produce resonance and can effectively activate the activity of human molecules, improve cell permeability, enhance the body oxygen content, promote blood circulation and metabolism, effectively eliminate fatigue, restore physical strength and reduce pain symptoms.
2. Antibacterial function: Our exclusive technical nanoparticles in the yarn produce a porous surface, increases the surface area, improves the surface activity and state of the adsorption, or the textile knitted from our far infrared yarn has sweat - absorbent, deodorant, sterilization and other functions.
3. Warm Insulation function: Our far infrared yarn is added with the higher emissivity of far infrared radiation materials which can make use of the body's thermal radiation energy to produce "greenhouse effect" to prevent heat loss, further to play a good insulation effect.
4. Promote metabolism: Far-infrared thermal effects of heat is absorbed by the skin, which can be through the media and blood circulation, so that heat can reach the body tissue, can promote blood flow speed, strengthen into the metabolism, can make the material exchange inside and outside the body in a state of balance.



Based on the features above, JIAYI’s far infrared nylon yarn is an ideal material for products requiring health-care, thermal effect functions, such as ski suit, underwear, neck guard, knees cap, wristband, socks, scarves, hats, blanket, gloves, bed sheets, bedspreads. However, please kindly remindered that the effect might be slightly influenced by fabric component, structure and color dying.


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