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Germanium Ions Healthcare Nylon Yarn

Short Description:

Model: Germanium Ions Healthcare Nylon Yarn

Brand: JIAYI

Code: HS CODE:5402311100

Material: Nylon

Type: Functional Nylon Yarn

Place of Origin: Fujian, China (Mainland)

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Germanium Ions Healthcare Nylon Yarn (5)
Germanium Ions Healthcare Nylon Yarn (4)
Germanium Ions Healthcare Nylon Yarn

It is kind of native nylon yarn developed by JIAYI which can release more than 90% of infrared rays and the far infrared rays have warming, health-care, blood circulation-promoting and metabolism-promoting functions; enhance functions of an immune system of a human body; Improve the skin activity;

The production process is simple; materials can be naturally prepared, so that the germanium ions nylon yarn textile and fabric is more environment-friendly.


1. Far Infrared radiation and speedy temperature rise  : Yarns made of germanium can release high efficient far infrared ray, which has functions of keeping warm, health care, promoting blood circulation and metabolism, etc.

2. Negative ions release: It will release negative ions automatically. The received external forces like friction, heat, fluctuating, light…etc. can stimulate negative ions. Further balance human-body PH value; relieve fatigue; improve skin activity; (600/cm²)

3. Deodorization Function: The germanium powder in nano-size can enlarge the pores’exposed area and strengthen the adsorption capability.

4. Anti-static Function: Semiconductor germanium alloy can rapidly conduct the electronics on the material surface. Fabrics and textiles will have anti-static function by applying germanium alloy to them.

5. Anti-bacterial effect: According to GB/T 20944.3-2008 test result, it can efficiently kill many pathogenic bacteria for example Staphylococcus aureus, coli bacillus and Blastomyces albicans.

6. The textile made of this yarn also has obvious protection against ultraviolet rays.(UPF>50)



Protective clothing, pillows, back cushions, winter clothes, scarves, towels, bath towels, gloves, hats, socks, knitted fabrics, plain weaving fabrics, underclothes used fabrics, insoles, etc.


Specification Color ppm MOQ
70D/24f Raw white color 4000/5000/As requirement 1 ton
70D/48f Raw white color 4000/5000/As requirement 1 ton
70D/24f/2 Raw white color 4000/5000/As requirement 1 ton
70D/48f/2 Raw white color 4000/5000/As requirement 1 ton

Packing Details

Container Size Packing Method Quantity(ctns) N.W./ctn(kgs) N.W./container(kgs)
20''GP carton packing 301 26.4 7946.4
40''HQ carton packing 720 26.4 19008

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